Army Brigade “Givati” celebrates its 40th anniversary

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 Givati ​​Army Brigade celebrates 40th anniversary

Last week at the International Conference Center in Jerusalem, Israel, an event was held to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Givati ​​Infantry Brigade.

Before the brigade was officially created in 1983, the soldiers of the Givati ​​brigade participated in the War of Independence in 1948. Since then, the brigade has taken part in operations in both central Israel and Gaza.

The event was led by Eliezer Toledano, commander of the Southern District.

Brigadier Nadav Lotan, commander of 162- 4th Division and Colonel Eliad Moati, commander of the Givati ​​Brigade, attended the celebration along with former commanders and additional active and reserve contingents.

— you are my soldiers. You are conducting counter-terrorism activities to protect the State of Israel and its civilian population, — Toledano said. — Be proud that you — combat soldiers. The people of Israel I will always and always believe in the Givati ​​Brigade. I hope that the brigade will continue to act in the spirit of the IDF.

“The legacy of the Givati ​​brigade” dates back to the establishment of the State of Israel. My soldiers, I am proud of you for your sense of mission and high moral principles, — added brigade commander Moati. I am proud that you come from different parts of the country and carry the security of the State of Israel on your shoulders.

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