Armed men stormed a police station in Kiev: “gassed, 40 detainees”

Вооруженные люди штурмовали отделение полиции в Киеве: "травили газом, 40 задержанных"

When you try to attack the office of the police police arrested a large group of young people

Law enforcement officers detained a group of people in Kiev — about 40 people, some of them were armed — when trying to storm the police station. The incident resulted in three police officers were taken to the hospital. Opened three criminal cases, informs a press-service of the Kiev police.

Вооруженные люди штурмовали отделение полиции в Киеве: "травили газом, 40 задержанных"

This happened after a group of people brought from Kontraktova square to the police Department.

“After all freed, profit support group to help them put up a fight and used the gas money against law enforcement officers,” said police.

“Unidentified people tried to damage the front door, used pepper spray and a fight… as a result, all active participants were arrested, and it was about 40 people. With them are carried out Prime investigative actions”, — noted in Department.

As noted, the detainees found the gun and knives.

“The incident is delivered to the hospital three policemen on the ambulance,” the police said.

Вооруженные люди штурмовали отделение полиции в Киеве: "травили газом, 40 задержанных"

Investigators began three criminal cases under part 2 of article 345 (Threat or violence against law enforcement officers), of part 1 of article 341 (Seizure of state buildings) and part 4 of article 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

The police announced that identified the possible murderers of the girl in the river.

It became known that the Ukrainian police on the trail of a possible murderer 19-the summer student from the Dnieper Darya Bilous.

This was reported by press service of the police of the Dnepropetrovsk region.

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“The man who might have been involved in the murder of a student, is selected. However, to call his name, we cannot in the interests of the investigation”.

The alleged killer of a young Daria may be the beloved of the deceased.

It is known that Daria had a boyfriend, a citizen of Turkey. This was reported by one of users on popular social networks. According to the user and the police suspect may be from Turkey. The user also stated that he had testified in the police.

Moreover, friends of Daria talking about the fact that on the night of January 4, she probably wasn’t in his student Dorm, as it is on the opposite side of the Dnieper. In General about the deceased Darya Bilous tell that the girl was very active and participated in all student activities.

People Express their condolences to the family and say that the situation just shocked Ukraine.

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