Archeological sensation: sarcophagus with the princess of Egypt found

Sensation in archeology: sarcophagus with the princess of Egypt was found

40 kilometers from Cairo, archaeologists have found a tomb with the princess of Egypt. The necropolis of the Egyptian pharaohs of the Ancient and Middle Kingdoms, located in the desert on the western bank of the Nile, in Dakhshur.

Scientists examined the sarcophagus under the guidance of Egyptologist Yasmin El-Shazli and on its lid found a carved outline of a man's face with a wig of the goddess Hathor , writes

& ldquo; In fact, this is a mysterious woman. The lid of the coffin depicts a man wearing the so-called Hathor wig, a garment popular during the Middle Kingdom that only women wore, '' explains Dr. El-Shazli.

According to the doctor, it could be a person owned by the royal family. This theory was soon disproved. Since if the tomb is located inside one of the pyramids, then this type of burial testifies to the burial of Egyptian rulers there.

& ldquo; This type of pyramids was built only for the pharaohs, while the princess is the younger member of the royal family. Usually, princesses were buried in simpler tombs, '' the scientists explain.

Among the artifacts and relics in the tomb, a chest was found with the hieroglyphs inscribed “ King's Daughter '' and scientists hoped to find a name, but this part of the find was significantly damaged and it was not possible to establish the identity.

Recall, we wrote earlier that the Egyptian authorities returned 30 thousand ancient artifacts illegally exported over 10 years.

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