Archaeologists told about the strange finds of the future

Археологи рассказали о странных находках из будущего

Sometimes the details of the found items do not fit in the head.

From time to time in the hands of archaeologists get the items put them in a deadlock. A striking example of this is the Swiss watch in tomb of Chinese Emperor si Qing, the activity of which falls on the Middle ages, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

Another such discovery – the skeleton of a prosthesis is found in the suburbs of Marseille. According to scientists, it was established in 1903. These items appeared only a century later, although they were mentioned in some old texts (you can find pictures and descriptions). Question: as a man with a prosthetic could find yourself in the past?

Also, scientists can’t say how the jawbone of a Mexican buried in the late nineteenth century, were metal-ceramic tooth. Independent researchers one opinion at the expense of everyone finds people somehow fail in the past and be stuck there for the rest of my life.

Called an unusual cause of orange colored tigers

Reasonable explanation for the artifacts is impossible to find. Experts are already beginning to wonder whether the history of the earth and humanity taught in schools and Universities.

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