Archaeologists have disproved the myth about the famous Mayan artifact

Археологи опровергли миф об известном артефакте майя

This nation has not produced the crystal skull.

With Maya most of us think of abandoned cities and a calendar. However, there is another artifact – a crystal skull named “Skull of Destiny”. It was discovered in 1927 in the city of Lubaantun Anna Mitchell-hedges, the daughter of one archaeologist. Only 40 years later the subject was transferred to the company “Hewlett Packard” for the study, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

It was found that the artifact is made of crystal, which, at the moment, is only a diamond finish. Moreover, to perform the work required certain skills, because the crystal breaks easily.

In letters Maya said that extraterrestrials brought the 13 skulls. The age of each item is 3.5-12 thousand years. Skulls found around the world, such as Asia, South America and Europe. Some artifacts were made of quartz, obsidian and jadeite.

The story of the skulls became clear only in the 19th century, when they noticed traces of the modern processing. False information has spread itself archaeologist Mitchell-hedges, who was rather more a writer. The artifact came about in the 1930s, and in 1943 came to the man (he purchased it from bought). For a long time the details of the discovery were hiding. Soon the lie of the archaeologist and his daughter Anna revealed.

Volcanologists predicted the impending catastrophe on a planetary scale

The legend of the 13 turtles were invented, and the objects themselves were manufactured in Europe.

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