Archaeologists have discovered a unique treasure in Russia via gopher: “blocked the way”

Археологи обнаружили уникальный клад в РФ с помощью суслика: "перекрыл путь"

Without knowing it, the animal had science a great service

Previously, scientists conducted a scientific expedition in the area where once stood the capital of the Golden Horde. They studied the district, which is being developed since 1956. Curious about the discovery archaeologists reported during a recent conference.

The staff of the Mari state University, headed by Professor Yuri Selenium conducted excavations on the site of Selitrennoe settlement in the Astrakhan region. Here was the major administrative centre of the nomads under the name of Sarai-Batu or Sarai al Mahrous. There’s also, by happy coincidence, turned out to be a gopher. He became the discoverer of the treasure.

Археологи обнаружили уникальный клад в РФ с помощью суслика: "перекрыл путь"

As told by the presenters, the animal simply moved on her way, breaking through the underground tunnels. Suddenly his way was blocked by a heavy canvas bag. Sharp movement rodent pushed the barrier aside. Due to the unique combination of circumstances, the subject appeared on the surface, where archaeologists are left only to pick it up. Inside was silver coins, which date from the XIV century.

Another important discovery the scientists have made in the Krasnodar region, where the planned construction of railway lines to the Crimean bridge. The expedition dug up a gold coin minted in 27 ad in the Bosporan Kingdom. Scientists stressed that this is the third coin that was able to find around the world. There was found also the sword of the Polovtsian warrior, forged in the twelfth or thirteenth century of our era.

Археологи обнаружили уникальный клад в РФ с помощью суслика: "перекрыл путь"

Previously, archaeologists found ancient artifacts at the monument to Prince Vladimir in Kiev. Their age was estimated at a thousand years. This was told by Vyacheslav Baranov from the Institute of archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

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By themselves, the artifacts do not represent material values. It’s just fragments of pottery. However, they allowed the scientists to an interesting conclusion. It turned out that dwellings in the place of old was not. The broken pottery was washed out by rain and melted snow from the monastery of St. Michael.

“These studies confirmed the hypothesis that the alley where there is a monument to Prince Vladimir, and near where now is the bridge, constructed in the late nineteenth century. The ground there are imported from the current street Bankova,” — said Vyacheslav Baranov.

Recall that black archaeologists have discovered an incredible discovery: more than two thousand years.

As reported Politeka, archaeologists have found and photographed the ancient baths in the world.

Also Politeka wrote that archaeologists have discovered the remains of ancient man in Russia: the shape of the skull affects.

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