Archaeologists have discovered a two-thousand-year-old skull with traces of trepanation

 Archaeologists have discovered a 2,000-year-old skull with traces of trepanation

Archaeologists have found the skull of a Peruvian warrior with a surgically embedded metal plate. The age of the find is about 2 thousand years. This is one of the first evidence of such medical procedures.

National Geographic reports.

In all likelihood, the warrior was wounded in battle, as a result of which his skull was damaged. To recover from a fracture, a metal plate was installed in the damaged area. Scientists claim that the operation was successful and the man survived the procedure.

‚ÄúTrepanation was practiced by almost all ancient civilizations in different ways and for different reasons. In this case, a metal plate was used to help bind broken bones. The material used was not cast as molten metal. We do not know the composition of the alloy”, – scientists said.

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