Archaeologists have discovered a mass grave: “50 bodies, many children”

Археологи обнаружили массовое захоронение: "50 трупов, много детей"

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered the tomb with fifty mummies, some of which belonged to children

Important for archaeology discovery found the specialists in the province of Minya South of Cairo.

Археологи обнаружили массовое захоронение: "50 трупов, много детей"

It is reported by the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt.

Archeologists stumble upon a tomb, which was 50 mummies. 12 of them belonged to the deceased children.

Family necropolis was located inside the penalty burial chambers in the area of tuna El-Gabal.

50 mummies belongs to the dynasty of the Ptolemies (IV—I century BC).

Human remains wrapped and woven fabrics of flax.

Археологи обнаружили массовое захоронение: "50 трупов, много детей"

The mummy located in variation: some stone and wooden coffins, and some on the floor.

Discovery of the archaeologists called the largest in 2019.

According to experts, the dead represented the upper middle class of Egyptian society and held important positions.

In addition, archaeologists believe that the mummies found have a mixed sex composition, moreover, 12 of the identified bodies, identified as children.

Earlier it was reported that archeologists found a secret room in the castle Krak de Chevalier. This was reported by the portal Naked science, referring to a published report, the Syrian scholars.

The finding was discovered almost by accident. Putting things in order in the ancient fortress of the Hospitallers, who miraculously survived in Syria, despite recent events, a group of local archaeologists to partially disassemble the clutch one of the walls and found a secret room.

In the secret room was discovered the ancient oven, the likes of which remained very small, and a few tanks. Scientists have not yet decided on the purpose of the rooms.

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It is believed that the room was walled in ancient times, seized the fortress by the Mamluks. However, it is unclear what purpose this was done. It is known that in ancient times there was a tradition to bury the room in which there were some crime or terrible event.

Recall that the fortress Krak de Chevalier was built more than a thousand years ago. For a long time it was an important line of defense of the Christian order of the knights Hospitallers, until it was conquered in 1271, the year thanks to the efforts of an army of the Sultan of Syria and Egypt.

The fortress has been preserved until our days.

Recall that archaeologists have discovered an ancient rarity.

In addition, it was reported that Polish archaeologists in the group with us found in Egypt, the Fort, which is 2300 years.

Also Politeka wrote that archaeologists from Bulgaria presented a detailed report on the excavations in the city of Plovdiv. During an archaeological expedition discovered the remains of six luxurious quarters of the Roman town.

Official source.

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