Archaeologists have discovered a hoard of rare coins of the XV century

Археологи обнаружили клад с редкими монетами XV века

A treasure of silver and gold coins was discovered by archaeologists in the city of Dijon (Cote d’or).

As specifies the edition, the treasure consists of 34 coins, 10 of which were gold. They were hidden in a small bronze box and stored under the floor of one of the houses. The oldest coin is dated 1432 year, the new — 1494, according to the with reference to

They were engraved with the portraits of rulers of Europe at that time — Pope Nicholas V, Galeazzo Maria Sforza — Duke of Milan, of Louis XI, Pope innocent VIII.

“All the foreign coins here, with the exception of two (with a portrait of Louis XI — approx. TASS), — leads edition of the word numismatist Pascal Larrera. — It is likely that the owner has specifically identified the items and hid them.”

As experts assume, the owner of the money most likely came from an aristocratic family. He put foreign coins, as king Charles VIII banned their use in 1490, and remained in the territory of the state was bought for a pittance. The Governor also imposed a moratorium on the use of coins, minted under Louis XI, which explains the appearance of two French coins with his portrait in the box.

“This amount is probably enough for the peasant to live for several years — trying to assess the treasure historian Stefan Alex. But for its owner it could be small.” According to the archaeologists, most of the coins are extremely rare, as many rulers of that time adhered to the same policy as Karl VIII, and simply melted down all the old coins.

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Currently, the exact archeological site, kept secret because of fears to attract the “black diggers”. The researchers assume that the owner of the hoard may have hidden several chests.

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