Archaeologists found ancient artifacts at the monument to Prince Vladimir in Kiev: “more than 1000 years”

Археологи нашли древние артефакты у памятника князю Владимиру в Киеве: "более 1000 лет"

The finding has confirmed an interesting theory of the capital scholars

On the Vladimir hill in Kiev being excavated for the construction of the new bridge. Near the monument to Prince Vladimir the Baptist, the archeologists discovered ancient items. Archaeologists have worked since the end of November, despite the long-completed field season. They wanted to handle quickly so as not to delay work. Scientists dug five test pits research.

Археологи нашли древние артефакты у памятника князю Владимиру в Киеве: "более 1000 лет"

On the extracted artifacts, said the Deputy head of the architectural archaeological expedition of Institute of archeology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Vyacheslav Baranov. “We found vintage items, the earliest of which are already more than 1000 years” — said the researcher. Ancient findings date back to the X—XVIII centuries.

By themselves, the artifacts do not represent material values. It’s just fragments of pottery. However, they allowed the scientists to an interesting conclusion. It turned out that dwellings in the place of old was not. The broken pottery was washed out by rain and melted snow from the monastery of St. Michael. “These studies confirmed the hypothesis that the alley where there is a monument to Prince Vladimir, and near where now is the bridge, constructed in the late nineteenth century. The ground there are imported from the current street Bankova,” — said Vyacheslav Baranov.

Археологи нашли древние артефакты у памятника князю Владимиру в Киеве: "более 1000 лет"Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration Oleksandr Spasibki told reporters on a pedestrian-bridge crossing on the Vladimir descent, which led archaeologists to hurry. Lens I wish to put into operation to the Day of Kyiv, which the townspeople will celebrate on may 26.

The bridge will be part of the tourist route which starts in the Lviv area, passes through the Landscape alley, the stairs on Starokievskaya mountain, artists ‘ Alley, the Vladimir hill. The crossing will connect the Vladimir hill and Krestinsky Park. His end will be built on the European square.

Earlier, archaeologists found a skeleton with an unusual shape of the skull and neck during the excavation in Nazran, Ingushetia. Scientists suggest that the bones of a woman deformed artificially.

Archaeologists are confident that deformation of the head could be a sign of the special status of the person. Most likely, the ancients thus marked the people of noble birth, which gave them certain privileges in society.

Recall that archaeologists have unearthed ancient treasure worth a million dollars, but not all went to the Museum.

As reported Politeka, the grave of a child found in the center of Kiev: a heart-rending details.

Also Politeka wrote that archaeologists have discovered ruins of an ancient city with a public house, a tavern and a temple.

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