Archaeologists find 5,000-year-old tavern with intact basement in Iraq

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 Archaeologists find 5,000-year-old tavern in Iraq with intact basement

A team of archaeologists from the Pennsylvania Museum in Iraq has discovered a 5,000-year-old tavern with an outdoor dining area and kitchen.

The tavern is located in the ancient southern Iraqi city of Lagash, now famous like Al-Hiba. Archaeologists have unearthed furniture, a cellar, a stove, and leftover food.

Lagash is one of the oldest and largest Mesopotamian cities dating back to the 3rd millennium BC. Since the beginning of excavations in 2019, archaeologists have found two houses, roads, lanes, pottery and pottery kilns that have remained untouched for millennia.

Dr. Pittman said that the people of Lagash were not neither by an elite nor by slaves, but rather by independent people living in urban areas, which is different from what archaeologists previously thought when excavating in similar places.

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