Archaeologists discover gold jewelry in an Egyptian necropolis

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 Archaeologists discover gold jewelry in Egyptian necropolis

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Egyptian and British archaeologists from the University of Cambridge discovered gold jewelry during excavations at the Tel el-Amarna necropolis in the Egyptian province of Minya.

Residents of the ancient city of Amarna were buried at this site. According to the report, it was built in 1346 BC by Pharaoh Akhenaten.

During excavations at Amarna that began in the 1980s, Cambridge archaeologists discovered the remains of a woman wrapped in cloth and plant fiber mats. , on which there was a necklace of pendants in the form of petals and three rings of gold and steatite, one of which contains the image of the ancient Egyptian god of protection of the house of Bes.
The phrase “the lady of the two lands” , is a reference to the lower and upper kingdoms of Egypt.

“The tomb is located in the cemetery of the Northern Amarna Desert, west of the Northern Tombs”, – said Dr. Anna Stevens from the Cambridge Department of Archeology.

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