Archaeologists discover 800-year-old mummy in Peru

Archaeologists have discovered an 800-year-old mummy in Peru

On the outskirts of the city of Lima (Peru), a group of archaeologists discovered a mummy that is 800 years old. This is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

According to scientists, the mummified remains belong to a man who lived in the highlands of the Andes. The gender of the mummy has not yet been identified. Her exact age will be established after special tests.

“The main feature of the mummy is that the whole body was tied with ropes, and her face was covered with her hands. It could have been part of local funeral traditions, ”said archaeologist Peter Van Dalen Luna of San Marcos State University.

The mummy was found inside an underground facility. There, archaeologists also found ceramics, stone tools and the remains of vegetables.

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