Arab prisoner bit Jewish cellmate because of Ben Gvir

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 Arab prisoner bit Jewish cellmate because of Ben Gvir

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Arab prisoner shouting "Allahu Akbar" bit a Jewish cellmate serving time for traffic violations.

According to lawyer Chaim Bleicher, the victim had to be evacuated to the hospital. The incident described in the letter took place in the Damon prison.

“My client has been serving a sentence for a traffic violation for several months now. Jewish and Arab prisoners live peacefully in his cell. A few days ago, my client was watching the news on TV. The news broadcast photos of Homeland Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, and my client expressed joy while watching the news,” the lawyer wrote to the warden.

;Allahu Akbar" and sank his teeth into his chest.

“My client was in shock and at first did not understand what was happening. It took my client some time to realize that the suspect was biting him in the chest and trying to rip out the flesh. My client tried to get out of the suspect's jaws for more than a minute, moaning in pain all the time, while other prisoners also tried to tear the suspect away from my client,” he added.

infection, and hematomas. After helping the prisoner was returned to the cell.

According to Bleicher, the attacker had bitten another Jewish prisoner in another prison.

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