Arab MP: Terrorists killed in Nablus are our martyrs

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 Arab MP: Terrorists killed in Nablus – our martyrs

Member of the Knesset Aida Tuma-Sliman from the party “Hadash-Taal” on Tuesday expressed condolences to the Palestinian Arab terrorists eliminated as a result of the operation of the IDF in Nablus, including the leader of the terrorist group “Lion's Den”.

– written by Aida Tuma-Sliman in Arabic.

Toma-Slieman's remarks caused an uproar, as right-wing MPs are against the formation of a government based on the Arab Joint List party, of which Touma-Slieman is a member.

“Read and distribute Aida Tuma-Sliman's parting words to the terrorists who were eliminated by the IDF yesterday. That's all the people of Israel need to know to vote right, – said a member of the Knesset from “Likud“ Miki Zohar stressed that “any Israeli government that trusts elected officials of the Arab parties will fail. The Jewish people must protect themselves and their country, because we have no other country.

Religious Zionist MP Bezalel Smotrich stated that “you cannot fight terrorism when you create a government with supporters of terrorism. It's either a Lapid-Gantz government with terrorist supporters, or a full-fledged right-wing government for four years.

Noam party chairman, Knesset member Avi Maoz, said: “Either a government supported by members of the Knesset , glorifying terrorists led by Lapid, or a national Jewish government led by Netanyahu, which will destroy terrorism.

Joint List” cannot be integrated into the government.

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