Arab journalist Nidal Agbaria killed in Umm al-Fahm

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 Arab journalist Nidal Agbaria killed in Umm al-Fahm

Nidal Agbaria, an Arab journalist who ran the Bldtna news site, was shot dead in his car in Umm al-Fahm on Sunday evening.

Journalist Hassan Shalan blamed the police inactive: “You should be ashamed because you don't want to work. You come to the crime scene and take pictures without doing anything.”

killing, and expressed condolences to the Aghbariya family.

“Israeli police must act immediately to find the killers and bring them to justice, and act more vigorously to eradicate the epidemic of violence in Arab society,” — the union said.

The Khadash party also reacted to the murder on Sunday evening, saying that the police have known for a year that the house of Nidal Agbariya was the target of criminal organizations, but so far no action has been taken to apprehend the perpetrators.

“Hadash” accuses the Israeli police of incompetence and demands “to put an end to the disdain for Arab society, to remove weapons from the streets and to bring vile murderers to justice.” expressed outrage at the killing, stressing that Agbariya had been shot before, “and the police remained silent.”

“He was killed tonight so that every Arab journalist would know that he had better not talk about crime and corruption”, — the center said, emphasizing that Arab journalists were caught between two fires. —"On the one hand, they suffer from police violence, and on the other — from the violence of criminal organizations.

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