APU fighters destroyed ally of Putin: “I promised to shoot the Ukrainians”, the details of the triumph

Бойцы ВСУ уничтожили соратницу Путина: "обещала отстреливать украинцев", детали триумфа

Power of OOS eliminated the infamous terrorist “L-DNR” in the Donbass

This information in your personal Facebook unveiled an officer of the Ukrainian armed forces Anatoly Stefan (Stirlitz).

According to him, Ukrainian soldiers managed to eliminate the terrorist “L-DNR” Callsign “Kira”, which is often the TV channels controlled by the invaders, promised to “shoot the Ukrainians.”

Бойцы ВСУ уничтожили соратницу Путина: "обещала отстреливать украинцев", детали триумфа

“01.03.19 G. “team 200” added another fighter, call “Kira”, the data specified. All will be Ukraine, and victory for us!” — said the Ukrainian army officer, Stefan.

The Russian occupation troops “L-DNR” in turn, mourn the death and blame the “Ukrainian Chimera” that supposedly swallowed their companion, “who fought for Russia on the advanced positions”.

It is also worth noting that over the past day occupants 4 times violated the ceasefire, firing positions APU of the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons. In particular, the terrorist “L-DNR” is used 82-mm mortars to fire Katerinovka and rocket-propelled grenades, small arms and machine guns opened fire on May, Luhansk and Bogdanovka.

Among the soldiers of the APU, fortunately, no casualties. According to the survey, the OOS forces managed to eliminate one occupant, were also destroyed an enemy BMP-1.

Бойцы ВСУ уничтожили соратницу Путина: "обещала отстреливать украинцев", детали триумфа

It should be noted that earlier, the AFU suffered heavy losses in the Donbas. In one of the bunkers of the Ukrainian army has exploded a grenade, killing two of our soldiers, one was injured. A terrible incident happened on March 11, but photos of the soldiers was made public in social networks.

It should also be noted that on this fact openly criminal proceedings under article 115 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal code. Now military prosecutors, investigators establish all the circumstances of the tragedy in the dugout APU.

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Recall, he ended the life of a veteran of the ATO: “was Ilovaysk, Debaltsevo, and the captivity of the militants.”

As reported Politeka, stopped the heart of a man who saved hundreds of children’s lives.

Also Politeka wrote that the hero from Lviv gave their lives for Ukraine in the Donbas: “left a wife and four-year-old son.”

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