Apples and raspberries reduce the risk of cancer

Яблоки и малина снижают риск развития рака

Scientists have determined which foods are healthier eaten together than separately

There are many different products that are beneficial to our body and improve your health and appearance. Recent studies have shown that when combining some of their products good for people increases significantly. About it reports Home.

Яблоки и малина снижают риск развития рака

Fighting fatigue will help the onions and the chickpeas, which significantly increase energy levels. A lack of iron in the body leads to fatigue, fatigue and dizziness. To prevent this happening, you need to take vitamins or supplements that contain this trace mineral in sufficient quantities. You should also eat more legumes, especially chickpeas, with onions or garlic. The last contained sulphur compounds, which helps the rapid absorption of iron and zinc.

Apples – not only useful and delicious fruit, but also important for the human body antioxidant quercetin, which fights cancer cells. To enhance its effect, you will need antioxidant allynova acid, which in large quantities contains in raspberries, cranberries, pomegranates and walnuts. If you eat as often as possible apples with raspberries or cranberries and nuts (for example, you can add them to the morning cereal), you can help the body fight the “bad” cells.

Clog the walls of arteries and cause further vascular disease, and heart particles of cholesterol. To counter them, the body will take a special antioxidant rutin, which is contained in the soba noodles. To strengthen its action will help vitamin C, which many in cabbage. Therefore, to protect the heart and keep the blood vessels in normal will help a delicious lunch with noodles and broccoli.

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To reduce inflammation in the body and to protect yourself from developing serious diseases will help the compound genistein, which is rich in soya and tofu. These products will help to remove the inflammation faster, if you add them to the antioxidant capsaicin. Capsaicin contains the chili pepper or jalapeno. This intricate dish of soybeans and pepper to our body will benefit by preventing a variety of diseases.

Green tea with lemon is tastier than plain tea, that’s a fact. Scientists from Japan proved that adding green tea with lemon juice we can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Яблоки и малина снижают риск развития рака

In green tea contains antioxidant catechins. This is a strong remedy against diseases of the heart and blood vessels, if you add in your tea a little lemon juice. This statement is confirmed by the study, which was attended by 40 thousand people. They drank only one Cup of tea a day, and this has significantly reduced the risk of heart disease.


Recall that an irregular work schedule can lead to cancer.

As earlier wrote Politeka, banana skin heals wounds.

Politeka notified about important recommendations, how to eat the fruit.


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