Apple will be releasing a new iPhone twice a year

Apple випускатиме нові моделі iPhone двічі на рік

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Apple will begin releasing new iPhones twice a year. It is reported by JP Morgan analyst SAMC Chatterjee.

It is anticipated that changes will appear in 2021.

According to experts, such a scheme will allow the company to compete with other manufacturers that produce gadgets for the whole year. Also Apple will be able to make the necessary improvements and changes to the model that came before. It is also reported that according to unofficial data, in September of 2020, Apple will reveal four new models the iPhone display is 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, as well as support for 5G.

Since 2011, Apple traditionally introduces a new iPhone model in the fall. During the presentation, the company showed three new devices.

Apple випускатиме нові моделі iPhone двічі на рік

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