Apple Watch saved a man’s life: not for the first time

Apple Watch спасли мужчине жизнь: уже не в первый раз

Smart watch Apple saved another human life

Smart watch Apple watch saved a man’s life. Recently there was a story in Norway, where 67-year-old resident Toralv Osting for unknown reasons, fell in his bathroom and injured his head.

Device has determined the time of the fall. As the man did not respond to the alert, the watch called the ambulance that saved the life of a Norwegian. The doctors diagnosed men three skull fractures.

Apple Watch спасли мужчине жизнь: уже не в первый раз

Thanks to the functions of the system drops the Apple watch is not the first time save someone’s life. Also there were cases when the clock was determined from the users of heart problems and was advised to see a doctor.

For example, the watch saved the person in the dream. Aussie Mike Love woke up from the vibrations of their hours. It turns out that the Apple Watch recorded pulse in the area of 130-140 beats per minute and strongly suggested to call a doctor. Mike decided to listen to the gadget and called the ambulance.

Arrived at the doctors sent him to hospital where had a diagnosis of heart Lava. It turned out that the guy is a rare cardiac pathology is saturated with oxygen blood pumped into the right atrium instead of the left. The Aussie had surgery and a few weeks later was sent home. Mike Love said that now will always walk with a smart watch.

Earlier it was reported that Apple reported a temporary shortage of spare parts for the models of the 42 mm Apple Watch Series 1 and the original Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch спасли мужчине жизнь: уже не в первый раз

In confirmation of the Corporation circulated a document among the authorized technical services. The document was circulated in the U.S. and other countries.

In the case that the service center will come and the user will be asked to repair these models of smart watches, Apple allowed to offer as a free replacement newer Apple Watch 2 Series.

According to media reports, the campaign will last until April of this year — until then, until Apple solve the problem with the shortage of spare parts.

We will remind, the well-known technology 5G can be dangerous and provoke cancer.

As reported Politeka, scientists have developed a battery that receives energy from Wi-Fi.

Also Politeka wrote that the United States decided to support the Ukrainian scientists: who and how can get 57 thousand dollars.

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