Apple pushes mixed reality headset debut two months to June

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 Apple delays mixed reality headset debut two months to June

Apple has rescheduled its scheduled launch of its first mixed reality headset from April to June.

The iPhone maker is now set to unveil the product at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple made the decision to delay the launch earlier this month after testing of the product indicated that hardware and software issues still needed to be worked out.

The headset's debut has been brewing for a long time: Apple has been working on the technology since around 2015. At one point, the company planned to introduce the product last June, but then pushed back the deadline to around January 2023. Then this deadline was postponed until the last reprieve.

The device, which combines virtual and augmented reality, will put Apple in the first major category of new products since the company introduced smartwatches in 2015. This could help support growth after the recent slowdown, but this is still an uncertain market and Apple plans to put a price tag of around $3,000 on the new product, which is not cheap.

The device should be the centerpiece of the lineup new Apple products this year.

Apple is working to fix problems with the sensors on the device to enable the hand and eye control mechanism. It also tries to strike a balance between battery life and performance. During development, the company made the decision to move the device's battery to an external power bank that would be carried in the user's pocket.

The company is already considering releasing a cheaper version – with less expensive and powerful components – as early as 2024. At the same time, Apple has indefinitely postponed work on standalone augmented reality glasses that would be less cumbersome but require technological sophistication beyond what is currently available.

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