Apple Music and Adidas joined the boycott of West: the rapper lost $ 2 billion

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 Apple Music and Adidas joined West's boycott: the rapper lost $2 billion

Apple Music has removed the playlist of Kanye West, who was scandalized by anti-Semitic remarks. The West Essentials Playlist has been removed from access, according to Billboard. A mass boycott of the rapper was announced after he said that the Abraham Accords, which allowed the normalization of relations between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain, were signed because former White House senior adviser Jared Kushner wanted to “make money”; on a deal. He also accused the Jewish “media mafia” of in attacks on him. In addition, he said that the Jews “rule the black voices.” As a result, the media called for a boycott of West. Madame Tussauds put his figurine in storage. Adidas and Gap have announced they are ending their partnership. West's Twitter and Instagram accounts have been suspended. Kanye West ended up losing $2 billion in one day.

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