Apple has started selling refurbished 16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple почала продавати відновлені 16-дюймові MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 16 you can buy with a decent discount

Apple started selling officially restored 16th-inch MacBook Pro in its American online store. However, for rabid discount should not count.

U.S. residents can purchase a restored 16th-inch MacBook Pro, which was presented in the fall of 2019, discounted to 15%. For example, the basic version of the 16-inch MacBook Pro will cost $ 2039 instead of $ 2399.

Formally restored all the MacBook Pro models are thoroughly tested. The kit includes brand new power adapter 96 W and USB cables-C. Also, Apple offers a standard warranty on the repaired MacBook Pro.

Apple почала продавати відновлені 16-дюймові MacBook Pro

We will remind that earlier the Director of the Oscar-winning film criticized the keyboard on the MacBook Pro. On the night of February 10 in Los Angeles was 92 the ceremony of delivery of film awards “Oscar”. After it the Director, writer and actor Taika Vitt, who received a statuette for best adapted screenplay for the film “Jojo Rabbit”, talked to journalists and they complained about Apple products. According to Witt through a large amount of texts, he began to develop a syndrome of professional overload and there was pain in the tendons. And in all this he blames the inconvenient keyboard of your MacBook.

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