Apple has shown what can self camera iPhone 11: cool video

Apple показала, на що здатна селфі-камера iPhone 11: круті відео

iPhone 11 not afraid of snow or frost

One of the most notable improvements of each new generation of Apple’s smartphone, together with the processor, becomes camera. Previously, the company was primarily focused on the main module, but now strives to improve the front.

In the new commercials, the Corporation has demonstrated the possibility self-sensor iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Pro in extreme conditions.

A new genre that will complement traditional self, will be “slop”, which is introduced by Apple. This short videos that can be deciphered as “Slo-Mo Self”. Time lapse camera showcased in new video commercial company – Backflip and Whiteout.

If the classical slowing the video Slo-Mo appeared in Apple a few years ago, slot is a unique feature available only to iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

During video recording smartphone literally went through a flurry of snow, but given the device’s security such a “cold shower”, he is not afraid.

On assurances of the company, the new generation of front-facing cameras installed in the iPhone 11 that is able to support shooting at up to 120 fps. With 12-megapixel sensor also capable of capturing 4K video @ 60 fps-enabled Smart mode HDR for maximum dynamic range image.

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