Apple Car Coming in 2026 and Costing Under $100,000

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 The Apple Car will be released in 2026 and will cost less than $100,000

Apple plans to release a consumer-oriented car under its brand by 2026. The estimated cost will be less than $100,000 to make the car attractive to a wider range of customers, according to Bloomberg.

Initially, Apple planned to develop a limousine-style car without a steering wheel or pedals, in which passengers could sit facing each other. to friend. But the vehicle will have a more conventional design with a driver's seat, steering wheel and pedals, and autonomous driving will only be available on highways.

Tesla will likely be Apple's main competitor. Prices for Tesla vehicles start at around $47,000 but can go up to $100,000. The base Apple Car is expected to cost around $100,000 to compete with the more expensive Tesla Model S.

Apple aims to complete the car's design by 2023. Testing will begin in 2025 ahead of a planned launch in 2026.

The company continues to look for a partner to produce its car while serious negotiations with Volkswagen are underway, but no definite results have yet been reached.

Previously, Apple introduced the long-awaited new items.

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