Appetizing discounts in “Maadaney Mania” for your delicious winter!

 Mouth-watering deals at Maadney Mania for your delicious winter!

What would be so delicious to eat?

Let's try to help you make your choice!

Until February 19 in our stores you will find discounts on mouth-watering products that will diversify your diet and delight you with excellent taste. The discount event will continue until February 19 in all branches of “Maadaney Mania”.

Beef tongue can be cooked in a variety of ways – and boil, and fry, and stew with various sauces and vegetables. The main thing is that the tongue is of good quality, like our Frozen Tongue, which is now sold at a discount for 24.90 sh/1 kg. Turn on your imagination, add your favorite sauces and spices – and a nutritious snack is ready!

Do you want to surprise and delight your loved ones with real Georgian khachapuri? You can buy ready-made Khachapuri “From Totoshka” from us. for 19.90 sh/420 g. In khachapuri "From Tatoshka" The filling is based on two delicious types of pickled cheeses – Imeretian and Suluguni. Your choice – with cheese, with cheese and spinach, with cheese, garlic and mint. Choose the most delicious! All that remains is to heat it up in the oven and serve it hot!

For those who love seafood, we have a discount on Peeled boiled shrimp 49.90 sh/1 kg. They are perfect for preparing your favorite appetizer or salad. For example, for a delicious Caesar with shrimp.

 Mouth-watering discounts at Maadaney Mania for your delicious winter!

You can also find here Sliced ​​smoked salmon for 39.90 SH/400 g.

Delicious both on its own and as part of a variety of dishes : with pancakes, canapes, in quiche, in salad and even with such potato pancakes!

A quick and tasty recipe: rub the peeled raw potatoes on a coarse grater, slightly squeeze out the moisture, add a little salt, a beaten egg and a little flour. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan and put grated potatoes in it with a spoon. Fry on both sides over medium heat.

Decorate the finished potato pancakes with cheese or sour cream sauce with chopped dill, and smoked salmon beautifully laid out on the sauce.
Bon appetit!

 Delicious discounts at Maadaney Mania for your delicious winter!

Did you miss red caviar? Now in "Maadaney Mania" selected red caviar «Kamchatskoe zoloto» can be bought for 99.90 sh/250 g.

If you want to treat yourself to a delicious – it's for us too! By the way, cheeses with white mold are very tasty not only in their original form, but also in baked form. Would you like to try?

Take Cheese Camembert De Luxe 29.90 sh/2 x 125 g, bought at a discount at Maadaney Manii, cut the crust, decorating it with a wire rack, olive oil and rosemary on top (here you can dream up), put in the oven for 10 minutes at a temperature of 170-180 degrees.

Serve our cheese with baguette, figs, honey and nuts, and let everyone find the perfect combination for themselves.

 Delicious discounts at Maadaney Mania for your delicious winter!

How to add flavor to a familiar dish? Serve it with a new sauce!
Look for “Maadaney Mania” branches sauces "Sloboda. Live food”: “Caesar”, “Garlic”, “Cheese” and "Mushroom" – and experiment! Sauce "Sloboda" in the assortment you can now buy from us at a discount for 13.90 sh/3 x 217 g.

Add them to salads and pastries, to pizza and pasta, to meat, fish and side dishes.
Cheese sauce is perfect not only for pizza, cordon bleu chicken breasts, but also as a filling for quiche pies, and as a spread for sandwiches with fresh vegetables. Mushroom sauce goes very well with pancakes, fried potatoes and meat. Garlic – with chicken and fish. And the Caesar sauce from "Sloboda" – this is the same, "correct" a Caesar dressing that will make your famous salad with chicken breast, croutons and Parmesan as delicious as a restaurant! Or even tastier!

 Mouth-watering discounts at Maadaney Mania ; for your delicious winter!

While making discounts, we haven't forgotten about popular drinks. Grant’s Scotch whiskey these days will be sold at a price of 59.90 sh/700 ml

Loved by many ladies XUXU thick liqueur– strawberry or strawberry with cream – delicious on its own or in cocktails, hot or refreshing, available for Sh49.90/700ml*. Try adding XUXU to black tea, it will be very interesting and delicious!

 Delicious discounts at Maadanei Mania for your delicious winter!

Popular white wine Wine Blue Nun Authentic (Germany) does not need advertising. And here is the special price for it – 39.90 sh/1 l – For sure you will be pleased.

For sweets, try Sweet Days with custard for 9.90 SH/225g. Tender, delicate and tasty, both adults and children will like it.

All discounts can be viewed here.

We are waiting for you in our stores, where you can find a wide range of products and delicacies from all over the world.

Discounts are valid until 02/19/22 or while stocks last, and also in accordance with the assortment of each branch. Errors are possible. Prices indicated in Maadanei Mania stores are final.
**Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health and can be life-threatening.

Addresses of our branches:
BEER SHEVA – Shd. Yerushalayim 4, 08-6109955
ASHKELON – HaAvoda 74, 08-6729006‎
ASHDOD CITY – st. HaZionut 41, 08-8670788
Ashdod – Mirkaz Kalaniyet, st. Yakinton 5, 08-6337282‎
Ashdod City – st. Tashakh 3, 08-9975055
REHOVOT – st. Herzel 157, 08-6758040
RISHON LECION – st. Altalena 3, 03-9412905
RISHON LECION – st. Herzl 30, 03-9500836
RISHON LECION – st. Ein HaKore 19, 03-9566778
RISHON LECION – st. Herzel 91, 03-5224414
BAT YAM – st. Uziel 5, 03-5462000‎
HOLON – st. Kdushey Cairo 23, 03-5038555‎
HERZLIYA – st. Sokolov1, 09-9570256‎
PETAH TIKVA – st. Gutman 7, 03-9131513
PETAH TIKVA – st. Herzel 30, 03-6354166
RAMAT GAN – st. Bialik 27, 03-5729266
NETANIA – st. Stemper 16, 09-8625553
HADER – st. Herbert Samuel 55, 04-8848199
HAIFA – Kiryat Eliezer district, st. Yoav 1, 04-8515166
KIRYAT YAM – shd. Yerushalayim 51, 04-8755455

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