Appeared the first photos of the interior of the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Edition of AutoWeek published the first pictures of the interior of the SUV Mercedes-Benz G-Class new generation. Apparently, this is the layout of the interior of the car is shown in its media presentations. The public debut of the model will be held at the January motor show in Detroit.

Judging by the pictures, the SUV is completely change the architecture of the front panel and center console will be a new tidy and 12.3-inch screen multimedia system, as in the latest models of the German mark. Also the G-Class steering wheel with touch elements (such as, for example, on the flagship S-Class) and other ducts.

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The SUV will remain a frame, but according to Autocar, will receive in the design of more aluminum components. Due to this, the mass of the G-Class will decrease by about 160 kilograms (up to 2.4 tons) and the rigidity of the body torsion will increase by 30 percent.

The car will be more spacious and technologically advanced, fording depth will increase by 100 mm instead of power appears Electromechanical power steering. In addition, the model will change the front suspension and adaptive chassis, will change the rear suspension geometry, and will be a new range of engines. So, the G-Class will receive a 2.9-liter diesel “six” and four-liter gasoline “turbosmart”, prepared by AMG. The transmission is a nine-storyed “machine”.

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