Apocalyptic forecast: a giant wave will wash away the beaches of Israel

Apocalyptic forecast: a giant wave will wash away the beaches of Israel

The Israeli media published the results of a comprehensive study on the impact of sea level rise on Israel. The study was carried out jointly by the Faculty of Sea Studies at the Rupin Academic College and the School of Sea Studies at the University of Haifa.

Scientists concluded that a 40 cm rise in sea level would wash away Israel's three main beach areas – in Ashdod , Tel Aviv and Haifa. Sea level is rising not only in Israel but around the world due to the melting of Arctic ice and glaciers.

The head of the research team, Professor Dov Zvieli says: “ Sea level will not rise five meters during our life – but by the middle of our century it will rise by 25 cm compared to 2000. This is how the sea level rose over the entire 20th century. When the sea level rises, the waves break closer to the coast. Our coast is flat and therefore there is always a danger of extreme storms, with waves of more than five meters. The width of our beaches is 30 meters and such a storm causes immediate damage in tens of millions of shekels, as happened during the storm in Eilat, which no one predicted and for which they were not prepared. The more storms hit the beach, the more damage is done to it. Water will undermine coastal cliffs and erode their resilience and threaten vital infrastructure along the coast. If we want to be ready by 2050, we need to start working today, but, unfortunately, this is not part of our culture. ”

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