Apoalim Bank warned about telephone fraud in Russian

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 Hapoalim Bank warned about telephone fraud in Russian

Bank Hapoalim has released information that there have been cases of phone scams targeting Russian-speaking Israelis in the past year.

Their investigation revealed that criminal groups obtained the databases , containing information about Israeli citizens who immigrated from the CIS.

Sharon Kasper, Director of the Cyber ​​Department at Hapoalim Bank, explains how the fraud is carried out: “Criminals impersonate the Israeli police or bank security agencies to steal money from customers in two main ways: First, they instruct the victim to provide identification data (code username and password) to their account, and secondly, they instruct the victim to go to their branch or ATM, withdraw money from their account and transfer it to the accounts of criminals abroad through a currency exchange.

Criminals call citizens through special applications that allow you to pass off your number as the phone number of the police station or bank branch, and even send fictitious photos of the police ID and other “official” documents via WhatsApp.

During the conversation, they explain to the citizen that his money in the bank is in danger due to fraud happening in his bank branch.

In order to save money, a citizen is asked to come to his office, withdraw all the money from the account and transfer it to foreign accounts through currency exchange services, the so-called “changers”.

Innocent citizens who have become victims of this fraudulent phenomenon, after a few days, discover that this is a fraud, the money that was transferred to foreign accounts has disappeared. Since there is no way to trace the money or get it back, the only thing left to do is file a police report.”

This is a disturbing phenomenon that often affects innocent and easily deceived citizens. “This important information is being shared in the public interest. If you have acquaintances, friends or family members who immigrated from the CIS, tell them about this scam. You have the ability to prevent them from falling victim to the next scam, save money and, above all, heartache. Always remember, if you receive contact from any party that asks for your account identification information or instructs you to transfer money, do not provide identification information and contact your bank branch immediately”.

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