Aphid infestation: Tel Aviv municipality found a solution

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 Aphid infestation: Tel Aviv municipality found a solution

In recent months, a new species of nettle aphid has been discovered in Israel, which is a nuisance by exuding a sticky substance onto sidewalks and cars and causing passersby' shoes to stick to the ground.

New a species called the hairy nettle aphid feeds on nettles, which are common in all cities of Israel. The hairy nettle aphid was first detected in Israel in June 2022 in Hadera. Most of the damage is caused by insects that release a large amount of honeydew that covers the tree and everything under it, including sidewalks, cars, etc.

Many municipalities are looking for ways to control the population, and the Tel Aviv municipality and the Ministry of Agriculture recently completed an experiment on the use of the Aktara pesticide; against insects. The Tel Aviv municipality also said that the decision to use the substance in the coastal city “is made with reservations, since the substance must be used 8 kilometers from the coastline.” This condition was made out of fear of seawater contamination.

“It is important to note that the number of infected trees in Israel is in the hundreds of thousands, and we are cooperating with the Ministry of Agriculture and hoping to get approval for the use of this substance in the coming days”, – announced in the municipality.

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