“Apartment at a discount”: more than 6,200 families will receive lottery winning notifications

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This morning (Monday), the Ministry of Construction began sending notifications to families who won the Discount Apartment Project Lottery. In the next few hours, 6,269 families will receive text messages with the good news.

Over the past week, the Ministry of Construction has held 115 draws for construction projects in more than 25 settlements. Of these, 398 apartments were drawn in Sderot and 531 in Ashkelon. Within the next few days, the results of the lottery will be published in the personal account on the agency's website, after which another text message and email will be sent with notification of the results of the draw.

The lottery was conducted according to strict, detailed rules, through a computer system, without human intervention. The process is managed by a special commission under the supervision of an auditor. The calculation of the results was carried out in a closed room, in the presence of the members of the commission, observing and approving the results of each draw.

In October, registration for the lottery of the third stage of the “Apartment with a discount” program will open, and by the end of the year, thousands more families will be eligible to purchase an apartment under it. Thus, about half of the 120,000 people who registered for the program at the beginning of the year will be able to purchase an apartment at a significant discount.

Minister of Construction, Zeev Elkin:"We continue to solve the housing problem for thousands of young families and give them the opportunity to purchase apartments at a discount of hundreds of thousands of shekels at the expense of the state. By the end of next year, tens of thousands more families will have the opportunity to purchase an apartment at a significant discount. Particularly pleased with the high demand for real estate in the south of the country in general and Ashkelon and Sderot in particular – almost a thousand new apartments were raffled off this week in these cities. This is the answer to all those who tried to disrupt the daily life of the inhabitants of the south of the country.”

General Director of the Ministry of Construction Aviad Fridman: “This morning, more than 6,000 families will receive good news about the opportunity to purchase an apartment with a significant discount. I'm proud of the Bargain Apartment program that runs all over the country. The registration statistics pleasantly surprised me – almost 26,000 families eligible to participate in the lottery registered for the draw in Ashkelon, more than 9,000 registered in Sderot. The data indicates that the demand for real estate in southern cities is also high, and Israelis believe in their development and want to live there. We will continue to work on solutions to the housing problem for all citizens of the country.

Minister's photo: Reuven Kapuchinsky

Press Service of the Ministry of Construction

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