Antwerp port can't handle tons of confiscated cocaine

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 Antwerp port can't handle tons of confiscated cocaine

So much cocaine is seized in the port of Antwerp that the “catch” has to be stored at customs – this creates additional risks, since drug groups may be interested in drugs, according to HLN.

In 2021, customs, police and the judiciary seized almost 90 tons of cocaine in the port of Antwerp. An absolute record that is likely to be broken again this year. Customs believes the 100-ton limit will be reached this year.

However, such volumes pose a serious security problem: approved incinerators cannot process seized cocaine, so stockpiles are starting to escalate. Dozens of tons of cocaine are currently awaiting destruction in bonded warehouses.

Antwerp prosecutor Frankie De Keyser sounded the alarm a few weeks ago along with justice minister Vincent Van Quickenborn. The mountain of cocaine is now so large that criminal groups may come up with the idea of ​​invading bonded warehouses.

Van Quickenborn has already been approached by Antwerp Mayor Bart de Wever about this. The offices of Van Quickenborn and De Wever say that they are looking for a solution together.

The Belgian port city of Antwerp is called one of the main “gateways” through which cocaine is brought to Europe.

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