Antonio Banderas plans to end his acting career

Антонио Бандерас планирует завершить актерскую карьеру

The actor spoke about the virtues and the bad side of the film industry.

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, who became a star at the Cannes film festival 2019, admitted that they’d completed an acting career, reports the with reference for Today.

So, 58-year-old actor was presented at the film festival, Pedro Almodovar “Pain and glory” (Dolor y gloria). Cooperation with the Director and his career, he said in the program “social life”.

“Our friendship ( with Pedro Almodovar – ed.) in no way affects the working moments! Pedro demanding, strong Director, he’s not easy to work, because it doesn’t give you the opportunity to feel comfortable in front of the camera! This is a painful process. You have no support nearby, it’s like you’re lost in the jungle – that’s what seems collaboration with Almodovar,” Banderas shared.

Note that in the movie “Pain and glory” Antonio Banderas played the role of a Director who decides to end his career. So he admitted that he wants to do the same.

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“I would still like to be an artist, but perhaps an artist of a different type. In kinopovesti to create something, you need 150-200 people around you. Each of them you have to pay, because they have something to live for. But if you, for example, a writer or an artist, all you need is pen and paper. You can lie down under a tree and do what you like. You don’t need anyone else. That’s what I sometimes want,” said Banderas.

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