Antikiller reputation: Errors PR on the example of one case

Ukraine joins an interesting pre-election period. Information on best are already shooting compromising. Soon the voters will overwhelm the flow of scandals, sensationalism and investigation. For ardent supporters of one candidate or another is not affected. But undecided can seriously confuse. To make the right choice, you need to know a few rules of conducting PR-campaigns and spend half an hour on a simple analysis.

Антикиллер репутации: Ошибки пиарщика на примере одного дела

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To illustrate, take the recent dispute over the trademark “sage”. Heart drops almost 60 years ago created and releases in Ukraine the company “Farmak” family Zhebrivskyi. Her once-closest competitor — the company “Darnitsa” Zahariev 15 years ago, tried to start the manufacture of the product with a similar name. Farmak’s employees saw this as a violation of intellectual property rights. Their opponents adhere to the logic of Russia that the rights of a legal successor of the USSR is not willing to support restrictions on the use of old names.

Under previous presidents the rights to the trademark “sage” in Ukraine kept for its owner. The current head of state is not sprayed on trifles. Therefore, the co-owner of “Darnitsa” — the people’s Deputy of the presidential bloc in Parliament with very good connections to the Bank, it seems, managed to convince several judges to take his side. As they say, it’s not about the money. The case for self-affirmation.

Ironically the same situation at the presidential Roshen, defending the rights on Soviet brands “Kiev cake” and “Golden key”. I wonder how explain why the courts do not protect the trade mark medication for 15 UAH, but protect the name of the cake for RS 300? But this is the way.

In November, the case of “Sage” will consider the Supreme court so that both sides are trying to enlist public support through the media.

The main method of work with mass media — preparation of abstracts. That is one basic idea needs to pass in all the news reports. To understand that your candidate is “work”, it is necessary to analyze what people write and say. After spending ten minutes, you will quickly find all publications on the same topic, will be able to make a list of the websites participating in information campaigns and to estimate the budget spent.

In our case, the search by names of companies on the Internet allows you to make some assumptions and describe the tactics of information policy of the parties.

“Darnitsa” is trying to damage the image of the opponent charges in trade with Russia, a horror story about the rise of “Korvalola” and the presence of relations of power in the person of the auditor NABOO Pavlo Zhebrivskyi. Participate in the project activists, bloggers and even the MP. Farmak JSC has chosen a different tactic: looking for positive threads, blocking negativity, and writes a rebuttal.

So when it became clear that you are dealing with PR, it’s time to reflect on its contents.

A monkey with a grenade

In the analysis of information from “well-wishers” should be considered as an authority journalist and information resource and its contents. The image of the publication is not always indicative of the independence of the author, and the rating of the website — the quality of the text.

Confrontation pharmacists have identified several indicative moments.

First in informational campaigns can use the foreign media, which in principle do not render paid services. In our case, for example, we are talking about the authoritative German media. In June it published an investigation about the business relatives of Paul Zhebrivskyi in Germany. The material gave the impression that transparency of ownership structure, the auditor is not okay. Although, by and large, it was about usual for the European business protection investment in Ukraine, which are Ukrainian company to resolve disputes will have to apply to international courts and not to seek the truth in the Pechersk hills. As a result, the open secret was discovered by the Dutch and Cypriot shareholders of Farmak is a family Zhebrivskyi. The appearance of this article, apparently, can be explained simply. One of the very prawdopodobne versions that you can easily check if you want, the wife of the owner of “Darnitsa” — a good friend whether German author of “scandalous” material, or its head. Hardly a fighter for European values took money for his work, but that it could be used “in the dark” for the prick of a competitor — fact. Indirect evidence of this are references to an article in German similar to “custom-made” materials against “Pharmaco”.

Second, protest is the best episode. To do this, invite professional organizers of meetings. Usually checking once such children, it is logical to use them again. Such a footprint allows you to identify the connection. Near the “Pharmaco”, for example, a protest in September organized structure, which helped a year ago the monopoly of the lottery market. In the first and in the second case, there is a link the owner of “Darnitsa”, which has friendly ties in the gambling business.

Third, error in the choice of allies, ready to articulate the thesis of PR people, can nullify the effect of loud statements. Recently with accusations of “Farmaco” was made by MP Mikhail Golovko. It would seem the height of professionalism to attract the people’s choice. But to gather about him people’s opinions lazy. Although even a cursory analysis shows that, apparently, participation in corporate conflicts — a common occurrence for such a “leader of opinion”. Ternopil media wrote about his work in the interests of the agricultural holding “Mriya”, the Moscow Patriarchate, and even of a possible link with businessmen from the godfather Vladimir Putin Victor Medvedchuk. He lit up in the scandal around the construction of the Park in Ternopil. As a minimum, these facts give cause for reflection about a possible job policy in the interests of “Darnitsa”. Ironically, Mikhail Golovko is included in the tax Committee of Parliament. It would be logical for him to comment on the tax evasion of their situational allies than the export one of the hundreds of companies in Russia, which was and remains the main trading partner of Ukraine.

Fourth, the content of the information does not betray value. Consumer, including voters who are not willing to think, believe PR people and politicians.

Take the story of Pro-Russian television channel, has recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. Short content: the cardiac patient buy cheap Natalia “Corvalol”, a well-known lawyer warns of possible rise in price drops if forbid to release the drug under the name of “sage.”. To compare with the logic of this journalistic work can only Russian program “mouthpiece of the Kremlin” Dmitry Kiselev. Why is the “Darnytsia” will bid up the price of its own drug after changing the name? Why should appreciate a dozen similar products that are successfully sold under a different name? How to take off the prices on the drops for 15 hryvnia to cause a public outcry? Really wanted to give new bills for the gas, along with a jar of “Korvalola” and now these plans under threat? Why “Farmak” or “Darnitsa” needs to raise the price “Corvalol” if the turnover of the companies on it have a fraction of a percent, and Zhebrivskyi traditionally set the price of bread? Why review channel gives political analyst on international Affairs and the legal representative of the company, defending in court the interests of “Darnytsya” and having good contacts in the presidential administration?

Such rhetorical questions after the story suggest about his customers. There is a nuance. After this video people will remember the name of the company and the arguments of the experts. Seniors, the audience of this channel, make a simple conclusion — the current government will raise the price and “Corvalol”. It is not surprising that such material came to opposition TV. A vivid example of the consequences of the game with public opinion. Ask the PR to denigrate competitor, he is the President and landslides. A monkey with a grenade.

Finally, often information about the purpose informatici served partially in a favorable light for the client. But it is enough to find the source to get the full picture of what is happening and to form their own opinions about the situation. The case of life. In early October, the news Agency reported a claim by German company Bayer to “Farmak” of violation of intellectual property rights. Information about fact in the register of court decisions journalists are allegedly not found. But then I remembered the same argument to “Sage”. Readers should seem that offended the Europeans, the Ukrainian company acts with groundless claims against a local competitor. Although the registry is a court ruling from August 31, removing the veil of mystery and reticence with the news journalist. It turned out that Farmak JSC has introduced 9 kg of the medicinal component of the Israeli company Teva for research that, in his opinion, does not violate patent rights. But Bayer believes that Ukraine can import this ingredient only German company even for experiments. The goods were arrested. In response Farmak Bayer asked to pay almost 50 thousand dollars of collateral in case the products will deteriorate during the proceedings. The court granted the request. Banal economic situation.

Information antidote

Armed with such tools, you will be able to get to the bottom of things and will not let themselves be fooled. Although, in practice, public opinion is not very sensitive with us when making decisions. Any taxi driver will tell you about the injustice of pricing of coal under the influence of radioexport, but the rate will ever change that. Everyone knows that the most radical politicians work in the interests of certain oligarchs, but people vote for them. When you buy drugs, you don’t think steals is the producer taxes from the state and why in your pharmacy no products of its competitors. Negative news-to-action moves. It can only spoil the mood, if someone else pays attention to such trifles as the articles. The reason is simple — in the streams of information collection is hard to distinguish truth from fiction, objective picture of reality is formed. Why do the same conclusions and do things that you encourage other not in your best interest? But the demand for PR, depicting the perfect picture of an imperfect client, remains.

So tip one — analyze it. Don’t be electoral plankton, which are grown to feed politicians.

The more thoughtful voters, the more chances of Ukraine to independence and the development interests of their own people.

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