Anticipations Light of your Eyes, fourth episode / Enrico no longer wants to see Emma

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Anticipations Light of your Eyes, fourth episode / Enrico no longer wants to see Emma

the advances from Light of Your Eyes reveal a crackling fourth episode. According to the video spot released by Canale 5, at the end of the third episode, it seems that Enrico do not want to know more Emma. All the more so now that the truth has almost come to the surface, given that Valentina has woken up and slowly can help him clear him, reconstructing the dynamics of the accident. The character played by Anna Valle try to get closer to the professor, but the latter has now raised a wall.

Only Emma could break it, telling Henry the truth about his mysterious investigations and his dark past. But the woman, once again, would prefer not to reveal anything, keeping the professor at a distance in spite of herself. Luca, on the other hand, it risks being involved in a very dangerous fire.

Light of your eyes, previews fourth episode: Valentina can tell the truth

The fourth episode of Light of your eyes back to Canale 5 next Wednesday, 13 October, with new unmissable events and twists. Let’s start with the good news, which sees the highly anticipated awakening of Valentina. According to advances of the episode we know that his version of events will prove decisive in saving Enrico.

Emma feels relieved and in the meantime thinks about the next step to take. His attentions, it seems, will turn to Martina. Regarding her mother, our protagonist discovers that, shortly before being hospitalized, she spent a few days in the mountains. In that mountain stay there could be very important details for his investigation. Sofia meanwhile he learns that Valentina is preparing an exhibition for her.

Anticipations Light of your eyes, episode of 13 October

Light of your Eyes go live next week, Wednesday 13 October, with the fourth unpublished episode. The advances of the new episode reveal that Enrico is cleared and Emma, ​​finally, can continue her research in the city of Vicenza. Therefore, Enrico’s situation seems to be gradually improving. This is also thanks to the discoveries of Valentina, who will help the man to defend himself and to obtain justice.

Meanwhile Emma begins to carry out her research on Martina’s behalf, while Sofia tries to organize an unforgettable performance for Valentina. The curiosity of the public for the fourth episode of Light of Your Eyes grows. Fiction is becoming more and more interesting, but also more intricate from the point of view of narrative dynamics.

Anticipations Light of your eyes: fourth episode, Enrico out of trouble?

the advances from Light of Your Eyes they seem to suggest benevolent scenarios for Enrico, now struggling with shadows and legal troubles. In the next episode of October 13, our protagonist should be able to clarify his position thanks to Valentina. As anticipated, the fiction with Giuseppe Zeno and Anna Valle it returns to its original location, on Wednesday evening. The episode will naturally be visible in live streaming on Mediaset Play and also available in the hours following the broadcast, again on the official Mediaset application, in the TV series section.


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