“Antibiotics ban”, Suprun has prepared a new “pokraschennya”: what to expect Ukrainians

"Антибиотики запретят", у Супрун подготовили новое "покращення": чего ждать украинцам

In Ukraine strengthen control of the release of drugs in pharmacies

This was stated by the head of unit antibiotic resistance and infection control public health Center the Ministry of health Alexander Matskov, reports the observer.

According to him, the government’s decision on the substantial restriction of access to medicines work at the end of 2019 – beginning of 2020.

"Антибиотики запретят", у Супрун подготовили новое "покращення": чего ждать украинцам

Matsko also noted that the new restrictive measures will be implemented together with the introduction of the electronic system e-health. It is also known that the Cabinet decision was not only antibiotic, but also antiviral, anthelmintic and other means.

“The plan provides that during the second quarter of 2019 will be developed a number of normative-legal acts on increasing control over the dispensing of medicines in pharmacies. This will be implemented together with improvements in electronic systems e-health,” said a senior official of the Ministry of health.

According to Matsko, the prohibition of free sale of antibiotics — the European experience. He also added that such control will spread because in Ukraine there is the problem of inappropriate use of these medicines.

“Antibiotics and now must be sold by prescription, but in fact we are faced with a situation where everyone can go to the pharmacy and buy medicines without a prescription, not realizing at all how to use the drug. So the control of the dispensing in pharmacies will increase” – he concluded.

"Антибиотики запретят", у Супрун подготовили новое "покращення": чего ждать украинцам

Previously, we reported that Suprun dispelled another myth. This time she dedicated her post to Facebook myths about the use of alcohol.

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According to her, alcohol does not warm. Everything is exactly the opposite — alcohol dilates blood vessels on the surface of the body, and the blood flow causes the sensation of heat. But the internal organs at this time the heat lose, and the overall body temperature is reduced.

It is considered that some alcoholic beverages have therapeutic properties. However, to drink or use alcohol for the prevention or treatment of diseases — is unwise. All possible positive effects in the end will offset the harmful properties of alcohol. And in some cases to use the alcohol for recovery can be quite dangerous.

Recall, buy a certificate to be impossible: the health Ministry came up with new rules.

As reported Politeka, the health Ministry has announced new developments for Ukrainian students.

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