Anti-Semitic attack in London: wanted to kill his first Jew

Anti-Semitic attack in London: wanted to kill my first Jew

London police are looking for a man accused of an anti-Semitic attack on a Jewish woman during Hanukkah.

According to law enforcement officials on Friday, the suspect approached his victim in West Hampstead and began to insult her, claiming, among other things, that he “ wants to kill his first Jew. ''

According to, the man shouted at the young woman, including in Arabic , pushed her and even struck several blows, after which he broke the menorah. He also threw up his hand in a Nazi salute. The victim of the attack had to look for help at the store.

As a result of the attack, the victim received minor injuries. It is clarified that the victim of the anti-Semitic attack called the police, but they never came to her.

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