Anti-Israeli protesters in Sweden plan to burn a Torah scroll

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 Anti-Israel protesters in Sweden plan to burn Torah scroll

An Egyptian writer living in Sweden and planning an anti-Israeli demonstration outside the Israeli embassy in Stockholm intends to burn a Torah scroll at the demonstration.

This is evidenced by his request filed with the police and published by KAN .

The Israeli Embassy in Stockholm has been advised that there is a strong possibility that the demonstration will be authorized.

The application for the demonstration has not yet been approved, but local sources predict that

Israel's ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, demanded that the Swedish government intervene to prevent the burning of the Torah scroll.

“This is outrageous . There is a difference between free speech and ugly deeds. We have seen in the past that places where Torah scrolls are burned end up burning people. I call on the Swedish government to intervene and stop this shocking event. … I will contact the Swedish embassy at the UN on this matter,” the diplomat said.

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