Another witness: Olya Kravchenko told how she prepared for the murder

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 Another witness: Olya Kravchenko told how she prepared for the murder < /p>

After it was established during the second trial of Roman Zadorov that the DNA profile of one of the hairs found on Tair Rada's body matches that of Olya's former lover Kravchenko Adira Khabani, Khabani gave a long interview to journalist Guy Peleg.

Habani said: “We were sitting on the bed, and she suddenly pulled out a bag from under the bed. In addition to the knife she showed me, there was my sweater, the blood-soaked tape she used to flatten her chest. She said she used a hat and wig and hid her breasts to look like a teenager when she walked into school.

Habani says, “She dressed up as a boy, went into the school through the main gate, went into the girls' bathroom and waited for her there. She heard footsteps and the real fight began. She dragged Tair into the booth. Then she actually talked about how she cut her throat. She told me, and also said that there was much more blood than she expected.

Kravchenko denies Khabani's accusations and claims that he is a maniac, a psychopath and a rapist.

At the same time, Israeli TV channel 12 published new details of the investigation. Kravchenko told a similar story to a girl named Anat, with whom she was in a psychiatric hospital.

Olya told Anat that she carefully prepared for the murder, bought a knife and gloves. She came to school in different clothes, and brought school clothes with her school bag. After the murder, she changed, put her blood-stained clothes in a bag, and left the school as a student.

Anat, shocked by what she heard, immediately told the story to the social worker. She advised her to go to the police – but she refused, fearing to harm her friend.

The information came from the social worker at the Rambam hospital, who was responsible for Olya.

Anat passed away with herself nine months after she told the story about Olya.

A year later, the social worker saw the film Shadow of Truth on Channel 8 and realized she needed to tell the police about it. . Olya was invited for interrogation by the police. She admitted that Anat was her best friend, but stated that she did not make any such confessions.

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