Another Second Temple Synagogue Discovered

Another synagogue from the time of the Second Temple has been discovered

In Migdal, archaeologists have discovered a 2000-year-old synagogue from the Second Temple period. A large Jewish settlement served as the main base of Yosef ben Matityahu in his war against the Romans in Galilee during the Great Revolt.

& quot; The excavation of the second synagogue in Galilee sheds light on the social and religious life of Jews in Galilee in this area and indicates the need for a special structure for studying and reading the Torah, as well as for public gatherings.

The opening of the new synagogue in the tower was accompanied by numerous finds, such as clay candles, glass bowls, coins and ceramics used for hygiene, testifies to the connection of the Jews of Migdal with Jerusalem and the Temple, '' said Dina Avshalom Gorni from the University of Haifa.

A unique stone with a seven-branched candlestick relief was found in the center of the synagogue. Scientists explained this by the fact that the artist carved a lamp installed in the temple. This stone is currently on display at the Israel Antiquities Authority in the house of Yigal Alon.

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