Another Lion's Den member arrested

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 Another Lion's Den member arrested < /p>

On Tuesday, October 18, another member of the Lion's Den terrorist group was arrested. He was captured by Maghav forces during a raid on a Palestinian town near Shechem. Suhaib Akef Jamil Shtayyeh was detained at the store during an undercover operation. According to MAGAV, he is suspected of being a member of the Lion's Den, which has claimed responsibility for numerous gun attacks in the Nablus area in recent months. After his arrest, Shtayyeh was handed over to the Shin Bet for further interrogation. It is specified that he is the brother of a member of the group Musaba Shtayyeh, who was arrested last month by the security forces of the Palestinian Authority. Recall that on October 16, another representative of the “Lion's Den” was arrested in Shechem. – Hamza Al Aziz.

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