Announced new details about the status of a beaten opponent Carnation: “Fighting for life”

Озвучены новые подробности о состоянии избитого соперника Гвоздика: «Борется за жизнь»

Beloved Stevenson’s not sure about imminent return of her boyfriend in the ring

The girl ex-the world champion under version WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson (29-2-1, 24 KO’s) Simon Year reported that there is no guarantee the full recovery of the boxer after the defeat of Alexander Carnation (16-0, 13 KO’s).

“Finally, we are in Montreal, here he is going to continue its recovery after two months in Quebec. I think I understand now why they call him “Superman”. A few weeks ago he was in a coma after a traumatic brain injury, and today he brings his body to the limit to recover the best way.

Озвучены новые подробности о состоянии избитого соперника Гвоздика: «Борется за жизнь»

Doctors are not shouting about winning as I am. Adonis is fighting for his life and wins the day. The fact that he was an athlete, not consumed alcohol and drugs definitely helped him. We have hope that he will continue to recover, as he did before that time. But we don’t know whether he will recover one hundred percent, but every day is progress, and that’s a win.

For Adonis this is a new life, he returns after traumatic brain injury. Doctors tell us that to make predictions too early. Thanks to the good energy, prayers and good wishes from all over the world, he continues to fight. There were difficult times, thanks to all those people who prayed for Adonis, which touched his heart, and our whole family,” he said.

Озвучены новые подробности о состоянии избитого соперника Гвоздика: «Борется за жизнь»

After a fight with a Nail, Stevenson was hospitalized with severe injuries and was put into an artificial coma. Subsequently, he underwent surgery to replace part of the skull.

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Recall, the former rival of Alexander Carnation ex-world champion Adonis Stevenson demonstrates the progress in reconstruction after severe brain injury resulting from a knockout.

The battle in which the Ukrainian won the world champion under version WBC light heavyweight took place on the night of 1 to 2 December in Quebec city (Canada) at the arena Centre Videotron.

After the defeat of the Carnation Stevenson was taken to the hospital, where he was put into an artificial coma. After an emergency hospitalization, the boxer was out of surgery and placed in intensive care.

According to the website of French sports channel TVA Sports, as canadian athletes steadily improve. At the end of last year, the boxer regained consciousness after artificial coma and about a week ago, was able to stand up and take the first steps.

We will remind that after a victory over Stevenson Carnations made a stunning leap into the list of the best fighters in the world.

As reported Politeka, Carnations shared future plans after winning the championship belt in a battle with Stephenson.

Also Politeka wrote that Mustache commented on the fight Stevenson — Carnations.

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