Anna Sedokova has changed the image and showed how to style bangs

Анна Седокова сменила имидж и показала, как укладывать челку

Anna Sedokova has changed the image and showed how to style bangs
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Such a change is not expected to even close stars.

Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova told the stories that she dyed her hair a different shade, and also cut bangs. Stylist perfectly laid hair, and the singer showed a video at a secret hairdresser. The star admitted that had it done at the salon soloist Artik & Asti Anastasia Dzuba.

– Didn’t expect that from me even close. Some even offended, but I have for the first time in my life my real bangs! How to correctly lay and trim – see this video from stylist Michael Radosina – commented on a celebrity.

Earlier, the son Sedokova touched the fans a kiss with the blue-eyed dog. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine” also wrote that the Glory Kaminska admired Natalia Kholodenko hairstyle from 2010.

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