Anna Rizatdinova told why he’s offended by the magazine Viva

Анна Ризатдинова рассказала, почему обиделась на журнал Viva

Anna Rizatdinova told why he’s offended by the magazine Viva
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A gymnast is upset, she’s little written on the pages of the publication.

Olympic champion Anna Rizatdinova long been upset about the fact that the athletes in the Ukraine is not as popular as actors or musicians. But the “Dancing with the stars,” where the gymnast took second place, gave her the lion’s share of media. Together with show partner, Alexander Prokhorov Rizatdinova appeared on the cover of Viva magazine, and they were glad, and shared history.

– Pre-season “Dancing with the stars” Viva magazine has released material with all participants in the projects, and I was terribly hurt and upset that Alexander Prokhorov was given a quarter of a page instead of half. It was then that I realized that athletes are not so interesting in our country, medal, Olympics, world and European Championships can be put in the cupboard and forget about them, if you’re not media and not popular((( Then I realized I’d have to work hard in order to reach even the middle of the project!, – wrote the gymnast in


In the finals of “Dancing…” Rizatdinova admitted that the project helped to get rid of her for another stamp – “the wife of oligarch Alexander Onishchenko”.

In an interview with the gymnast admitted that after the show, she grew the number of fans, but her heart is still free.

– From morning till evening I’m busy in training, and when you run home, I want to spend time with my son, which I really miss. To sleep I go to bed early: mode plus I need a good rest, the next day had the strength to do. And in the morning I again went to training. In this graph until there is no room for relationships with men, – admitted Anna Rizatdinova.

On “dancing with the stars” won a pair of Ksenia Mishina and Genis Cat. Third place went to Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar.


Anna Rizatdinova: “While you’re on a pedestal – you’re a star. And in a moment – no one”














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