Anine Stang: – Reveals baby news

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Anine Stang: – Reveals baby news

In June it became known that it Norwegian artist Anine Stang (36) and cohabitant Petter Tangmyr expected his second child together. From before they have daughter Emmy Adelina (2).

Now she has become a mother

Just a couple of weeks ago, she was able to reveal that the two-year-old was going to stay big sister of a little girl. She did this on the photo sharing service Instagram:

“It’s a girl,” she wrote to a picture of herself with a pink crown and balloons.

“It was almost 50/50 when I asked you a few months ago what you thought, but the narrow majority was right,” she continued.

Now, however, the wait is over. On Saturday night, the 36-year-old posted this photo on Instagram’s story function:

Anine Stang: – Reveals baby news

Screenshot Instagram.
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«22:50 little sister came into the world! 3650g and 54cm long. All-natural dream birth. Proud of me and Petter », she wrote to a picture of herself with the newborn baby on her chest.

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Renovation chaos

When Dagbladet spoke to Stang a couple of weeks ago, Anine could tell that they were really looking forward to the little girl coming, and that they were very excited about who “lives in the stomach”.

– We are of course in the middle of moving and renovating, so I cross everything I have so that she stays in until the term, so we have time to get our heads a little above water, she said, and continued:

Anine Stang: – Reveals baby news

– Pretty shitty now

– Right now it feels a bit like I’m hanging in a rope after a train that is rolling away at maximum speed.

The deadline was October 15, so it turned out that little sister was in a bit of a hurry to get out of mom’s tummy.

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Sibling jealousy

Dagbladet talked to the artist also even earlier in the pregnancy, and then the 36-year-old could tell that she was already over halfway through her pregnancy.

– We are of course very happy and grateful that we will have another child. This pregnancy has gone extremely fast, and I am already over halfway, and everything has gone very well so far, she said, adding that they have no idea what to expect with two children.

Anine Stang: – Reveals baby news

– Seems to me that this is going to be damn

– But I have heard many talk about sibling jealousy, and I have started to think a bit about whether I have to make a new song for the next baby, she continued.

The artist wrote “All My Love” about the motherly love she felt when she had her daughter Emmy Adeline, and thus wondered if it would be unfair if the next one does not get a song of her own that she has been the inspiration for.

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