Anime history

About the story of the anime

Most produced anime are intended not only for children but also for adults. Bright pictures, interesting stories and unusual characters won the hearts of viewers all over the world. Probably, it is for this reason that this genre quickly turned into a whole culture, the demand for which is equally high in all corners of the world.

In the last 2020 alone, income from full-length anime has increased by almost 63%, and the income from the distribution of such content on the Web & ndash; by 15.1%. The overseas anime market is worth $ 19 billion.

What were the first films?

Fans of the genre and those who decided to watch anime for the first time, hardly guess that the first such film appeared in 1907. The film was titled Katsudo Shashin, and its author is unknown. There are only 5 frames in the film, in which the boy draws hieroglyphs that turn into moving photographs. But the popularity of anime as a genre came much later, in 1928, when the manga author (Osamu Tezuke) directed an animated series called Tetsuwan Atom.

In 1984, a new technique of smooth animation appeared, which allowed to carefully work out all the storylines. As a result, the number of fans of this genre began to increase with great speed, and they began to look at anime with different eyes.

Color symbols in modern anime

The Japanese attach great importance to color. The traditions that originated in Japan are well reflected in the anime. For example, black they symbolize the color of joy, and white clothes are worn to honor the memory of the dead. Blue means dedication, and red & ndash; militancy. Therefore, the hair and clothes of the characters are often dyed in certain colors, by which you can guess what character each of the characters in the series has. For example, the yellow hair of the protagonist of Naruto speak of his cheerfulness and friendliness. But the black hair and dark colors of Sasuke's clothes (the hero of the same series) show his isolation and gloom.

Religion plays an equally important role in the anime. The heroes of any series are divided into clans. Their clothes meet certain standards and have certain skills.

All modern anime are divided into categories according to which age category they are intended for. Here you can find both full-length and short-length series.

You can watch anime in Russian online. Many sites present popular Japanese films for free, open access.

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