Ani Lorak with the kids and Sergei Lazarev walked on the bottom of the birth of a daughter Kirkorov

Ани Лорак с детьми и Сергеем Лазаревым погуляли на дне рождения дочки Киркорова

Ani Lorak with the kids and Sergei Lazarev walked on the bottom of the birth of a daughter Kirkorov [photo, video]
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On the occasion in the style of a fairy tale “Aladdin”, according to the journalists, spent more than a million rubles.

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak and her children visited at the birthday party of daughter of the Russian artist Philip Kirkorov, Alla-Victoria. Pictured in

Instagram from the holiday star was sitting in the company of the Russian singer Sergey Lazarev, which forced the Russian composer Igor Krutoy to suspect the artists in the novel. Lorac congratulated the girl not only at the festival, but in the


– Thank you for the warm and unforgettable evening, dear godfather @fkirkorov (Kirkorov – the godfather daughters lorac Sofia. – Ed.)! Happy birthday, Princess Alla-Victoria! Let the good magic fills your life with colors! – wished the artist.

Which stars brought the children on holiday to Alla-Victoria

On the occasion in the style of “Aladdin” (beloved tale eight-year-old girls) in the restaurant “Chalet birch” in Moscow region, bringing the kids and the Russian stars: Natasha Koroleva, Yana Rudkovskaya, Sergey Lazarev, Kate LEL, Jasmin, Tatiana Navka, Igor Nikolaev and other artists. Hall designed like a Bazaar. Composer Nikolaev showed in

Instagram as his daughter Victoria has congratulated the hero of the occasion.

– She congratulates Alla-Victoria happy birthday and this very touching and funny: half your age and twice as less, and sight – eyes to eyes – written by Nikolaev.

In the comments Kirkorov added that “it was so beautiful and so cute family…. love”.

The girl congratulated her godfather, the Russian TV presenter Andrey Malakhov. He showed a photo from a birthday party in the social network.

– My dear girl, @allavictoriyakirkorova thank you, dad and Martin for such a wonderful evening! – wrote a leading.

In the comments thanked him Philip.

Thank you, our favorite, the best Godfather ! We love you very much!! – said the singer.

Children were entertained by Alexander Revva

According KP.RU “the man spent on the daughter’s eighth birthday more than a million rubles.” Noted that “the average Banquet check for a person in this elite restaurant on the ruble is worth five thousand rubles.”

The festival Philip held their own. Recall: an artist a few years ago invested in the company Phillparty, which organizes children’s parties, told journalists.

The special guest was a Russian comedian Alexander Revva. Children were also entertained by acrobats and clowns.

Daughter Kirkorov replaced two dresses for the ceremony: white with Golden applique and colorful pattern pacey (people call it “Turkish/Indian cucumbers”).

After the party the book showed in the Instagram video, where welcome guests.

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