Ani Lorak was criticized for plunging neckline

Ани Лорак раскритиковали за глубокое декольте

Fans speculated that the stylist to the stars a day off and criticized it.

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who live in Russia, ran into criticism from their own fans. The star has published on his page in Instagram new photo, which was not liked by the subscribers, writes the with reference to

On pictures Lorak posing on the background of the doors and walls of the building. The singer wore a cropped, skinny pants with high waist. Pants sand color brushed fabric. Trousers lorac chose a grey sweater with long sleeves and decorative lacing, exposing part of the breast. Bra under shirt star wear.

Complements the image of the brown sandals with high heels and sunglasses.

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Members of the singer noted her great figure, but fully criticized her image and even background images. Users noted that lorac terrible “chaps”, “as if the hands 60-year-old woman.” One user noted that lorac was not a person to show bare Breasts or buttocks and called the photos “shameful.”

Ани Лорак раскритиковали за глубокое декольте

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