Ani Lorak struck in an unexpected way

Ани Лорак поразила неожиданным образом

Lorac turned from a diva into a teenage boy.

Popular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, which is now actively building a career in Russia, decided to show the fans in a new Instagram image and the face without makeup.


The celebrity posed in a black, boasting massive sneakers. The actress delighted fans great news: she goes on tour with her show “Diva”.

The reaction of the subscribers to a new bow star has been mixed.

One users image like. They noted that the singer without makeup looks good. “Very beautiful”, “Unique”, “Cool”, “Cute”, write in the comments the fans.
Some noted that the image is not suitable Ani Lorak and the singer looks like a “tramp”. “She looks like a transvestite”, “the old Woman went too far with photoshop! Foot size is bigger than itself!”, “A tramp of some kind,” — write in the comments.

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