Ani Lorak answered whether she considers herself a traitor because of performances in the Russian Federation

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Ani Lorak answered whether she considers herself a traitor because of her performances in the Russian Federation

The artist also suggested who in Ukraine put a spoke in her wheels.

Ani Lorak – the singer, who became the youngest Honored Artist of Ukraine, received the title of folk and took second place at the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest & # 187;, reports with reference to TSN.

However, to her in the native country developed a very ambiguous attitude. For seven years she did not give interviews to Ukrainian TV channels and ignored journalists. But for the program & # 171; ZhVL & # 187; the singer made an exception and gave an exclusive interview.

From time to time, Lorak posts photos from Kiev on social networks, but mostly on a walk. But the singer has not given concerts since & nbsp; 2014. Many Ukrainians & nbsp; consider her performances inappropriate, because when the war broke out in Ukraine, the artist did not stop performing in Russia. Moreover, she constantly appeared at various Russian music awards.

& # 171; I have enough love. Therefore, I can only give love. I am a tree of love, so I can only carry love. I don’t know anymore that such a thing can be written to offend me. Because all this is vanity, vanity! I have nothing to fear & # 187 ;, – said Lorak.

Lorak also calls himself a bird that gives people music without borders.

& # 171; And the bird always wanted wings on stage like that! Fly to have a lot of space. And that is why at one moment it was very cramped for me in Ukraine. I understood – here I have already achieved everything. When I brought silver from & # 171; Eurovision & # 187;. We did tours. And I want to go to the world. Therefore, we started to develop various territories. And tour. And expand. Because it is a bird, it needs more space to fly. And my wings grew & # 187 ;, – said the artist.

And in the summer of 2021, the bird flew home again. And for the first time, after a long pause of seven years, she gave two concerts in a popular nightclub in Odessa. The singer explained why she did not perform for so long in Ukraine.

& # 171; I stopped giving concerts because I felt that there is a political order. There is an order from certain persons. And I don't have time to take part in some game. Therefore, when the customers stepped aside a little, as far as I understand, there was an opportunity to give concerts & # 187 ;, – Ani shared.

At first she did not want to say who could put a spoke in her wheels, but later suggested:

& # 171; I can only guess that somewhere in the corner is envy. Not a boy because boys like me. Girls! It seems so intuitive to me. The girl says: & # 171; I also want & # 187;. Someone constantly wants to write something about Ani Lorak. What kind of information. Probably, there are some interests & # 187 ;, – said Lorak.

And also, the singer admits, she is still offended because at a difficult time for her, none of the Ukrainian artists, influential politicians or businessmen supported her. In addition, Lorak does not understand why some artists who traveled to Russia were not hounded in Ukraine, and others were not given the opportunity to work.

& # 171; This example, perhaps my story, will be sometime study. Because I am the first person to be hurt in such a difficult relationship. I took the first blow. And then there were other performers. And then situations began – double standards. Some went. And the latter could not. Who decided this? Who wrote these lists? & # 187; – added the artist.

Lorak plans to return to the Ukrainian stage in 2022. But the singer has no such plans to give up concert activities in neighboring Russia.

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